Caffebene Story

Caffebene is America’s next generation of coffee house. With more than 1600 locations worldwide and more than 100 locations in the United States, Caffebene is continuing to grow. The coffee chain expanded rapidly and entered the global market in 2012, by opening its first global flagship store in Times Square, the heart of New York City.

Caffebene Strategy

Caffebene’s founder and CEO Sun-Kwon Kim possess both versatile communication and leadership skills. His know-hows of the franchise business and Caffebene’s strong, systematic, and solid franchise system are what allowed the business to grow so rapidly.

Training and Support

Caffebene believes that anyone who has true passion for coffee can become a professional. We provide extensive training and support at all levels, from learning about our coffee to learning how to successfully manage and operate a coffee house. Our supervisors also provide on-site training as well, making sure staffs are prepared for all situations.


US Headquarter Office

Franchise (201) 917-3514




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