Global Recognition

Caffebene began to receive attention from major media like FOX, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and CNBC. In 2014, Caffebene’s multigrain healthy drink, Misugaru, received much attention from the local communities as a healthier alternative to coffee, often times called the drinkable breakfast.


In 2014, Caffebene began reaching out to the local communities, beyond the walls of its cafés. As Caffebene’s first youth ambassadors, Benesta and Caffebene’s own employees began volunteering and reaching out to the local communities, the company began to establish itself as a socially responsible company.


With its rapid expansion throughout the States, Caffebene expanded to the West Coast and opened its West Coast office, as well as its own logistics center in New Jersey.


Global Expansion

Caffebene opened 1,000 stores worldwide. In the United States, Caffebene began to introduce and open up franchise business opportunities, reaching out to major areas like Los Angeles, New Jersey, Dallas, Chicago, and more. Caffebene’s signature menu items like waffles and bingsu started to win the hearts of many New Yorkers and tourists looking for new dessert selections.


Global USA Launch

Caffebene makes its global debut with the opening of its first flagship store in Times Square, the heart of New York City. With over 1,500 customers that visit the store daily, Caffebene starts to make its way into the lives of New Yorkers, becoming one of the landmarks.


The Beginning

Inspired by the European cafes, Caffebene was launched in South Korea back in 2008. Competing against other coffee brands, Caffebene gained popularity with the help of its differentiated menu selections like waffles, medium roasted coffee, store interior, marketing strategies, and more. Such competitive edge allowed Caffebene to rapidly grow, opening 650 stores in the first four years.



US Headquarter Office

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